• Austin Pray



Hands down the best in:

- FIRST : The price is only about $32

- SECOND : Easy drinking

- THIRD : You can taste the Colorado Water (And the wonderfulness of distillation in Indiana)

Two ice cubes and you are set. Here is a nice point by our favorite once again UPROXX review on Tin Cup.

"Before you jump all over my case: Yes, this rye is distilled and aged for three years in Indiana. However, it is cut to proof with pure Rocky Mountain water and bottled in Denver, Colorado. TINCUP Whiskey Founder, Jess Graber, states, “The town of Tin Cup, Colorado was established in 1879, and takes its name from the nearby gulch where local prospector Jim Taylor first found gold — carrying it back to town in a tin cup. In a similar fashion, the local miners there would drink their whiskey from tin cups, sharing stories at the end of a long day.”

Thus, the name TINCUP and the cap on the bottle are both nods to Colorado’s history."

The shitty picture is a screen shot from Engearment.

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