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GOOD CULTURE: Fun, Exciting Atmosphere, Productive, Leadership, Consistency, Understanding, etc.

- Typically, a good culture comes from a CEO that checks all those boxes while also understanding where the employees are coming from. I.E. working from the bottom floor all the way to the top is the best way to check all the boxes genuinely. Earn your title. Titles are cheap when they aren't earned.

BAD CULTURE: Toxic, Power Hungry Leaders, Results Only, Feeling like just a Number, Not Heard, Forgotten, etc.

- We have all worked in bad business culture. We hate our lives, we feel like a robot, and we are extremely excited for the weekends. This usually stems too checking all the "bad culture" boxes of leaders all the way to the co-workers attitudes.

Also, the lack of communication can create a bad culture for yourself and for your business. Always tell people how you feel, professionally & constructively with solutions.


- D

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