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COMMUNISM : Typically all ended in 1992, but is there any similarities today?

Doing some research about Communism you realize it is just for control. Power = Control. When government & powerful tech companies have way to much control, they are usually practicing communist traits.

Here are some examples from "":

  • In Cuba the hospitals, medical professionals, medicines and medical supplies are all under the control of the Cuban government.

  • In North Korea the farmland, workers and food distribution are all under the control of the North Korean government.

  • In China in the 1950s, Mao developed the "Great Leap Forward" which pushed farmers into communes, took their land and forced them into slave labor.

  • In China today the government controls a highly successful manufacturing industry which generates profits for the government through the export of electronics, toys and other consumer goods.

Yes, silencing people to fit your narrative on huge platforms is communism in regards to power over the people.

- When the business wants the people to think they are doing something good, they distract you from the fact that they just want to control what goes in and what comes out.


- Some Douche

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