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CORPORATE : Why Corporate chains manufactured & sold the pandemic with a nice little bow on top

POSTKO : Rose sales 12.5% in the 4th quarter year over year sales in 2020 and they started the whole mask thing before even states in rural towns even. They knew more... whats next a vovid vax receipt to enter POSTKO? (Real spelling pre-shadow banned for safety of huge Corporate chains suing little chains and reader discretion)

BAMZON: Increased 33% in 2020

NUTFLIX: Gained 26 Mill new subscribers in the first 2 quarters alone in 2020

The List Goes on for a big YAY for Corporate mongoids and a NAY for small businesses getting shafted through 2020.

Just for a fun fact from Bloomberg... 110,000+ Restaurants have already closed in 2020, because yes closures.

MY THOUGHTS THAT NOBODY ASKED FOR: Corporate chains are able to sue the government for closures... while small businesses can't really do shit. Bully the Bullied.

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