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I THOUGHT THE DIFFERENCE WAS FREEDOM : Not to be political, but stop shadow banning content!

I will make this quick, because to much power and politics are distractions from happiness.

- Shadow Banning : I am a marketing professional by trade, wannabe failure of a comedian by night... However, banning content from people is what I only thought happened in Dictatorship and communist parties.

Why ban the president from Twitter? I don't get it.

Anywho, What affects me is taking down content, interrupting hashtags, analytics, exposure, etc. from clients.

Freedom comes at a cost... The cost of not being able to handle people's opinions if you still listen to it and the cost of having to stand up for yourself if you have to. These traits are dying off with complacency.

History can repeat itself if you don't educate yourself on what history did in the past. Don't ignore it!

- Wannabe X

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