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NO SUCH THING AS AN ORIGINAL IDEA | Everything has been thought about, only 5% act on it

Growing up, you are always scared to share "too much", however the older I get, the more I understand is the 5% want to crush your dreams and secure you under their wings.

What I am trying to say is… the 5% want to stay in the 5% without competition. Reading the book Power by Robert Greene I have realized Politicians and CEO of huge corporations (Big Tech and Big Pharma) that we are all scared of…. use power to get us fearful…. hints influencing media outlets to encourage fear and knowing they will always win.

My previous posts show how I think they do it with the "roman circus" of sports and entertainment to distract us from the real experienced news… anything that doesn't fit someones narrative they don't want to hear is now just "conspiracies".

This is America and the rest of the world #2021


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