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PLAY BY THE RULES : Inauguration and 2020 Recap

Conspiracy Theorists: 0

Big Corporation & Government: +1,000,000,000

Well the Inauguration was boring wasn't it. I was wanting to see some things go bat shit crazy… I mean the BLM movements at least blew shit up for FREE.

- Kobe Bryant died and opened the hell gates. Just image what kind of year the Bryant's had…. RIP. Ouch.

- Looking back on it, our boring lives could have been way worse. Like if Q was actually real, our year would have been weird going forward.

- I do think 2020 was a good eye opening year to show how quickly we the people will turn on each other and how many guns we can buy in a year is impressive.

- Bit Coin was top of the list of investments… wait until next election.

- Could Bit Coin become the new currency and take over the federal reserve?

- Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram suck! Regardless of where you stand, shadow banning is still making me bitter because USA isn't china for a reason, because we are free. Capitalism is fine in my eyes because the big corporations wouldn't be in America if it wasn't a free country. However, I just wish the big corps would put more back in improving the streets of America and investing back into the people. How hard could it be giving away a million or two from your billions of dollars.


- Pay taxes however you like and to an organization you want to invest in… instead of paying taxes for politician wages and programs we all don't need.

- For example: I owe $10K in taxes and I want that $10K to go to a sex trafficking organization that will find and waterboard pedophiles & rapists. I would actually want to make more money if my "forced taxes" went to a really awesome cause, instead of government work.

Another example of how I personally noticed some bullshit in the small town that I live… I hit a poll while sliding on black ice. I was told the poll would cost $850, which was true… however the bill was $9,450 for the poll for labor. Um, they knew they could get away with any price because they knew my insurance was paying for it. Also, Public Attorney's is a scam and a lazy position and Covid excuses to not doing your job is getting real annoying.

Amen and Awomen…

(HAHA that shit was hilarious being that amen has nothing to do with sex.)


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