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He is pointing to the FUCK&($ MOON! ————————————>

- So this is how I interpret a short squeeze.

  1. Hedge funder billionaire buys stock for a broker at X amount.

  2. They sell so much of it that the stock price falls below X.

  3. They give the broker X while they make the difference in profits.


When some fuckkkkkking savages online notice they were doing this they bought so much of the stock at X that it rose 8000% where the hedge funder had to buy out at and they lost billions of dollars.

This is hilarious and so awesome.

Also, Robinhood app is super shady… They stopped all selling to specific shorts so that the hedge funders could get out. This is super market manipulation and don't forget that the poor needs to stay poor or else the billionaire can't afford yachts.

Stay tuned you peasants,

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