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WHY YOUR BOSS SUCKS & HOW TO STICK UP FOR YOURSELF? How to ask a Clown for a Promotion...

I don't know. Go ask him/her/it, communication is key.

Sometimes, it is comforting to just hear what you are thinking, so your welcome.

If you think you deserve a promotion do at least the following...

- Write down why you think that

- If you are scared to fumble your words, write a letter and give it to the leadership team explaining...

- What you will bring better to the team

- Why you show you are committed to growing the company

- How you will be easy to train.

Boss leaders want to be lazy secretly, so be an easy and smart employee. Do your own research before training and practice what is said. Learn how people have failed in that position so you can save some time with not sucking.


Some Douche

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